Frites Shop

Restaurant Week 2015

Absolutely Febulous 2015

February 15-28

3 courses / $30


Crispy pork belly — olive candy, fried egg puree, pickled mushrooms

Octopus Escabeche - lime, celery, current, chervil

Roasted carrots — apple butter, pepper gastrique

Potato soup — cashew, cumin oil

Kale Caesar — garlic, salmon roe, 5 year gouda, sourdough crouton


Short Rib — beef fat fingerlings, malted onions, cauliflower puree

Mussels — chili miso broth, shallot, fennel, herb salad

Roast Chicken Breast — butternut puree, apple, turnips

Sausage plate — oat porridge, soubise, cabbage, pickled mustard seed

House made Fettuccine — broccoli rabe, walnut cream, roasted mushroom, lemon


Chocolate mousse — cronut hole, brownie, chocolate ice cream

Goat ricotta cake — chamomile honey, poached pear

Salted caramel croissant bread pudding — honey graham ice cream

Selection of Taharka Bros. Ice Cream

Street food at its finest. Our authentic French-Belgian frites are superbly crisped and ready for dipping in one (or more!) of our signature sauces. Grab a quick cone at our Shop, located just upstairs from Le Garage.