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Dooby’s + Le Garage: Korean/French Mashup Dinner

Join us next Wednesday 3/18 as we welcome Dooby's, our good friends from Mt. Vernon, for a Korean-French Mashup Dinner. Chef Tim Dyson of Dooby's and Chef Eric Bos from Le Garage will collaborate on small plates, highlighting both Korean and French cuisine, as well as serving up a killer selection of Banchan to start. All dishes will be served a la carte, no tickets needed, pay as you go.

Menu available in both the restaurant and bar.


Tobokki Mussels & Frites - rice cakes, sweet gouchujjang/dashi broth, fish cake, frites

Bulgolgi Pretzel Bao - pretzel dumpling stuffed with grilled beef and kimchi, grain mustard ssamjjang

KFC Chicken Wings - sweet black garlic soy glaze, kimchi ranch dressing, quick pickled daikon

Pork Carbonnade Ramen - pork and onion broth, roasted pork, mushrooms, potato, mustard/miso tare, red currant, "daiconichon", soft cooked egg

Fried Pork Belly - brussels sprout kimchi, pickled mushrooms, soubise

Rock Shrimp - Sichuan peppercorn gastrique, olive candy, radish

Lamb Rack - green curry, pork sausage, white beans, turnips

Braised Beef Cheeks - beef fat carrots, harrissa cauliflower, dukkah

Street food at its finest. Our authentic French-Belgian frites are superbly crisped and ready for dipping in one (or more!) of our signature sauces. Grab a quick cone at our Shop, located just upstairs from Le Garage.